Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Progress Day

Even though I may not post a bird every day, I am usually working on at least one. I won't have a finished bird today but I wanted to share with you that I am making progress.
Penguin Penata
We'll see is this turns out at all 

Tee-shirt/sticker design for Redbubble
 And all that I am doing does not involve birds :) There must be a balance to life.
Mystery Knitting

Dinner - Seafood Chowder ala Sarah
Here's to finding your balance!


  1. Ha ha, I'm knitting today, too. Gina.

  2. Hmm, I've been struggling with time/larger projects lately, too. And a progress day is a great idea! Mmmm, those clams look good right now, too. Just got back from Maine and I want some seafood!

  3. Gina, curious about what you are knitting.
    GG, The soup was delish!