Saturday, September 24, 2011

MSED: Bird a Day #85 Hooty Hoos for Sarah

Is this cheating? I made this owl sweater a while back for my daughter, Sarah. She reminded me of it the other day when I was struggling to come up with a bird. I still need to sew on buttons for the eyes and maybe after that I will post  it again! And no, it is not snowing here in Michigan...yet...that will be next week, ha ha.
Let me tell you how proud I am of this young lady. I get to because she is my daughter and this is my blog :). She is really smart, a great organizer and a self starter and never lets anything keep her from her goals. She may get knocked down from time to time but she gets right back up, ready to go again. And she makes one hell of a good strawberry cheese cake. You go girl!

enough pictures already!


  1. What a lovely daughter you have and clever!! just like her mum !!......The owl sweater looks great just right for the winter weather....
    Thanks for your comments on my blog .....xx

  2. Your daughter sounds awesome! And I like the sweater! So cute and warm looking. :)

  3. SHe's amazing! and this sweater is adorable

  4. Thanks for all your comments. You guys keep me going!