Monday, September 12, 2011

MSED: Bird a Day #75 - Chasing After Summer

This little bird is in a panic. Where did summer go?! He's going to chase it down and try to get it back.
Seriously though wasn't it just April?! Technicaly we still have a week and some odd days of summer left. But here in Michigan its hard not to notice that some of the trees have already decided to change into their fall attire and the days are much shorter. So, my plan is to enjoy what summer there is left and fully embrace the coming Autumn!
Watercolor and pen on watercolor paper


  1. Wouldn't it be lovely if little bird found the summer and brought it back!!! Our summer has been very much like yours, but its been great for my garden, saved a lot of watering.....xx

  2. Love the way you did the blue, yellow and brown watercolors in layers. Maybe it's a basic technique, but I'm a watercolor noobie and impressed!

  3. GG, Just playing around, I'm a noobie too!