Friday, September 23, 2011

MSED: Bird a Day #84 Bird Brain

Here's another artist trading card. I pretty much have birds on the brain every day I just don't manage to execute one everyday. I should be on bird #104. Do you think I should try to catch up so my bird a day project lasts one year or just plug away as I have been until I get to bird #365?
Color Pencil and pen on bristol board
Also, I wanted to mention that I sold a print on my Redbubble site! whoot woo! It was Courtship Under the Bower. I would love to know who bought it so I can thank them properly.


  1. LOL! I know how that feels, but I have a cat in my head instead. Love the visual! :) Hmmmm, I think I would do 365 birds if I were you, but that's because for myself I want to make a whole bunch of different pieces as a challenge for myself. I guess _why_ you're doing the challenge would help you decide how long to do it for. And I vote for a full 365 days of birds so I can see them all - selfish reasons! :) But you could decide to work on birds every day for a year and even if some take several days, you could still stop a year from when you started. As a wise friend said to me once, "There are no right or wrong choices, just consequences." :) Good luck deciding!

  2. This one reminds me of Rodney Greenblat. Remember the guy that made the clickables for nick? I love how fun this one is

  3. GG, thanks for your comment. I won't quit, I want to make 365 birds. It will just take me much longer unless I can figure out a way to work much faster!

  4. yes I remember the clickables. Are they still out there? I woould love to see crying screaming baby again. lol