Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MSED: Bird #157 Kitchen Chalkboard Bird

If I am going to continue to post birds I must in all good conscience take the words "a day" off the title. it may take me 5 years to get my 365 birds done, but I am determined! One of my new year's resolutions - MAKE MORE BIRDS and be more creative in 2013!
This is my new (to me) kitchen chalkboard. It's one of those really large ones that you see in coffee houses with the menu on it. I believe it will always be a work in progress so maybe I'll post updates.
Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Hi its sooooo good to see you blogging again. I hope you have been keeping well. Looking forward to seeing your birds again. I missed them .......xx

  2. Thanks Linda and Cindy for your kind comments. Life is ever evolving but I hope to get back to the birds at some point.