Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Other News

Not my photo or amaryllis :)

 Two winters ago I bought an amaryllis bulb from the local grocery store. I love the big showy blooms that appear right when you need them - the dead of winter.
All I got out of that bulb was some impressively long leaves but not even a hint of a bud.
When summer arrived in Michigan I moved the bulb in it's little plastic container with peat moss dirt out into my backyard where it was totally forgotten and neglected. When Fall came I found the little amaryllis bulb tipped out from its pot laying on its side. I picked it up and to my surprise it still felt solid and alive though it had no leaves and really no sign of green. I brought it into my home and decided to give it another chance to do its thing.
I was really excited a couple of weeks later when I saw the bright green appear on the top of the bulb. I waited and watched, watched and waited. And once again all that appeared were really long leaves and no bud. By this time I had forgotten what color the bloom was supposed to be.
Summer came once again, and once again I put it out in the backyard and neglected it all season, a season that was unusually hot and dry. And once again, this past Fall, I found the bulb tipped out of its pot with no sign of life. But the bulb still felt solid and full of potential sooo, once again I brought the little pot back inside to see what would happen. This is what happened.

All bud and no leaves! With the sun shining through it the bud it looks half empty. And of course my husband is making fun of its slightly phallic nature, and of me for finding it blog worthy.
I love that man.
What do you think will happen? Will it bloom? Will it be deformed? What color will it be? And most importantly, do I need to get a life?


  1. It does look very odd Mary. I'm not sure what will come out. But I think it's really cool that it's been playing with you for so long

  2. P please tell me....... what happened after it got so real it wanted to tip over???

    1. Oh my gosh Francine! I can't believe I forgot to post a pic of that beautiful amaryllis! I'll make a post about it.