Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MSED: Bird a Day #156 Pin Cushion Bird

Well it has been quite a while since I posted a new bird. It seems the "bird a day" has flown out the window, but I have not completely given up making 365 birds. It might take me four years though. 
I made this pin cushion using a free pattern from the DIY Dish web site. I stuffed it with fiber fill and walnut litter to keep the pins sharp. I originally had two tiger eye beads sewn on for the eyes but I thought they made him look a bit goofy. I much prefer him without eyes.
This little guy is for my friend Karen who, with her husband Dave, so graciously taught me and helped me to sew my first quilt.

  She thought I was crazy to want to sew a queen sized quilt on my first try, but I think she thought I was even crazier with my fabric choices. I love my quilt! Thanks Karen!


  1. Hi Its lovely to see you blogging again.
    You look as if you have been very busy quilting since your last post.
    That quilt looks amazing and to attempt a king size one,you must be very clever. I am making an American quilt for a double bed and hope to finish by Christmas, fingers crossed!!!
    How original your pincushion is. Hope your friend will like he or she, I know i would.......xx

  2. Love it! Both the bird and quilt! I like your color choices, you have always had a "sense" of style....and I miss the bird a day, but understand, that was quite a task you started! Maybe I can get you to make me a "bird" pin cushion. Plan on being in Michigan in May for acouple of months, I will keep you posted!