Monday, June 20, 2011

MSED: Bird a Day #8 - Book Bag

I based this bird a day bag on the tutorial on I had this project saved "to do" from a while back and now I had the chance to get it done. I bought nothing for this project I had everything already including the really cool liner fabric.
Here are all the pieces ready to be sewn and glued together.

I almost forgot the handles! I cut them from an old shopping bag. I liked them because they were made with metal grommets. (I knew there was a reason to save all the stuff I do.) The original tute uses store bought handles.
 Glued and "clamped"and...

...with the sewn liner.

Glued and drying

All finished - sans decoration.

The bird silhouettes appear once again.

Close-up - Cutting out all the bird related words from the destroyed dictionary was, by far, the most tedious part of this project.

The inside

All tied up. I think I will hag it on the wall and use it to store my art journal pages.
If you would like to make one of your own here's a link to a video and the tutorial.


  1. Genius! You're killing me with creativity! You feel like a flower in bloom and a bird finding her own song. xoxo

  2. MK, I am having a really good time with this. It feels like years of keeping it all in, with the pressure building to let loose, but not knowing what it was or what to do about it, and finally there is a pin hole leak and not only do I feel the pressure still building but there's some release, and it feels awesome. Some day it's gonna rip wide open, then watch out!

  3. oooooh Mary!!!! I love it! You're amazing. I love you