Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MSED: Bird a Day #11 -Right Hand Drawing

I thought about this challenge for a whole day before I started it. I had never attempted drawing with my right hand before. I was excited to try it. Here are the things I learned while doing this project.

1. My brain "felt" totally different while using my right hand

2. After about an hour it felt normal to be using my right hand to draw but not the same as drawing with my left. Totally different; for example the difference between cooking dinner and taking a shower. Does that make sense?

3. My brain said, "Make a smooth straight line" but my hand made wiggly curvy lines.

4. I draw much slower with my right hand

5. I have a much lighter touch with my right hand.

6. I like the way the lines look,  but it feels really weird not to have the control I'm used to.

7. My brain totally FORGOT to put a bird in the drawing! I think I was so focused on the execution that I forgot about the content.

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