Thursday, June 30, 2011

MSED: Bird a Day #19- Floating Bird

Today's bird (or I should say last night's bird) was a collaboration between my daughter and I. She makes these really cool containers for plants and other things with old pop cans and when I told her about the challenge she offered me a can in progress and said, "Maybe you could do something with this".
So here's our floating creation.

Isn't the girl lovely? *sigh*

 It's a swan, I think. It's made from a LaCroix can; a really bad tasting carbonated coconut drink.
 With a flame!
At dusk. 
I had so much fun playing with my daughter that I didn't mind getting all those mosquito bites. (Including one on my lower lip; how does that happen?).

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  1. Oh how lovely your swan is and cleverly made out of a tin can.! You and your daughter must have had so much fun making it...x

    The group evolved by default,I was off work at the time and Cherry took me to First Site, a free art and craft group, I enjoyed it so much that i decided to retire from my job and have never looked back..........

    As the months go by it seems our group is getting stronger and stronger. We are now looking at selling our work at craft fairs and fete's. The group is not really structured.....

    Childrens annuals are a collection of weekly comics put into a yearly book.........

    Thankyou for your comments....x