Friday, May 4, 2012

My Noro Clapotis

or That Bright Shawl Thingy I Knit to Throw Over the Back of My Couch
There has been knitting, lots of knitting. Here is one of the projects  I finished (yeah!) instead of bird-art-making. (I also started a sweater)
Noro is the Yarn I used, it comes from Japan the pattern is French, or at least it has a French name, meaning, to the best of knowledge, lapping up of water or maybe just lapping.


  1. Wow ! That shawl is just lovely. How clever you are to knit something so intricate. Thank you for your kind comment......xx

    1. Thank you Linda! Not so much clever as just able to follow the directions :)

  2. Nice one Marika! Good choice of yarn.

    BTW I tried a while ago to buy one of your bird designs as a card from RedBubble but the site only had 15 digit spaces for the credit card number instead of 16


  3. Oh no Frances, please try again! Hopefully the problem has been solved. Thank you for your kind comment.