Friday, October 28, 2011

MSED: Bird a Day #104 Regression

For today's bird I regress way back to age 14, to one of my favorite childhood memories. Over three decades ago I submitted my art to a feature in the local paper called Buds Corner and my art was printed.  If your art was selected to be printed in the column, a staff artist of the paper would send you 2 free movie theater tickets and a very nice hand written letter full of encouragement; "... Much luck to you in the future as you pursue your art interests" Signed, Gyanne Smith, Staff Artist. All I remember was how proud and excited I was to be selected. I still have my letter, I found it today along with the column. I am so impressed with the letter, more now then I was back then. Thank you, Gyanne wherever you may be, for your wonderful words of encouragement to the awkward little kid I was.
That's my art at the top!
I went to see a movie I think was called "Ants!" or maybe "The Ants" You know - Giant mutant/monster man eating ants. My mom took my friend Karen and I to the theatre and dropped us off, which also thrilled me to pieces as it was the first time I was without adult supervision in a public place. I felt so grown up.


  1. Mary, I remember this! It was such a HUGE deal to me. As a grown up, now I can see a child entered this drawing and got published, but at the time you were better than anything I could imagine, and in my eyes, one of the masters. Can't help it, I'm tearing up. God, I love you (((hugs))) I'm so glad you blogged this :)

  2. Yeah, I what a huge deal to me too. I was such a big shot!

  3. That's a great story about the support from Gyanne and getting to see a movie without your parents. My first movie without my parents made me feel so grown up, too. And now I feel like a child - ha ha! Your swans were amazing for a 14 year old!